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Yay! A Wednesday Rehearsal!

on February 22, 2012

Heyoooooooooo. So my mom just reminded me that rehearsal tonight. SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I usualy dont go to dance during the week days because all my classes are on the weekend.
so bonus. The reason I have rehearsal tonight is because we’re working on a really big ballet. It’s called Coppelia. It’s about a woman who gets mad because her boyfriend falls in love with another girl, but the other girl turns out to be a doll. In the end, the girl and her boyfriend make up and get married.

I play a villager. At the beginning, all the villagers are celebrating because the harvest was really good. I dance around with a stalk of wheat. I also had to learn how to dance with a partner, because a lot of the dancing is folk dancing, and that’s done with boys and girls. I also have to learn how to jump really high. My ballet teacher tells me that boys are supposed to jump higher than girls, so I’m working on that.

Coppelia is a really funny ballet. We are performing it on March 10th and 11th at the MSUM theater. If anybody in the Fargo area wants to come see me dance, you can buy tickets at the MSUM box office. I hope to see you there!


One response to “Yay! A Wednesday Rehearsal!

  1. Barb Cadel says:

    Ah Stuart, how I wish I was close enough to come and see you dance, but Fargo is just a bit (a lot) too far. One day, though… Your enthusiasm is contagious!

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